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By Teresa Hessler | January 1, 2014 | 0 Comment

I support the following organizations through donations and volunteer social media marketing:

  • Aish HaTorah – a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing Jews who are interested in exploring their heritage with a rich variety of articles, audio, video and classroom experiential opportunities in a non-confrontational and respectful atmosphere.
  • Chasdei Naomi – a non-profit organization that provides orphans with a modest wedding in a hall that is rented out for other community events to subsidize the cost of those weddings. They also run a  mobile food distribution program that provides needy families with a place to shop in an open market and dignified environment.
  • Meir Panim – a non-profit organization that provides innovative food and social service programs in a dignified and respectful manner.
  • Ohr Meir & Bracha Terror Victims Support Center – a non-profit organization that provides for the various needs of victims of terrorism in Israel.
  • The Temple Institute – a non-profit educational and religious organization dedicated to research and the building of the Holy Temple of God on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem.
  • Yad Ezra v’Shulamit – a non-profilt organization that provides weekly food baskets to the poor, daily children’s center meals and academic tutoring, plus at-risk teen center programs.


Causes that I care about and support with my writing and social media efforts include:

  • Animal Welfare as long as enforcement does not infringe upon the rights (or irrationally supersede the well-being) of humans
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief on a personal and/or private organization level (not through government funding)
  • Economic Empowerment through vocational education and small private grants
  • Human Rights as defined in the Bible
  • Politics and limiting the U.S. Government’s size, power and role in the minutiae of the daily lives of American citizens (i.e., restricting the government to its initial Constitutional charter)
  • Religious Freedom (i.e., freedom of choice and practice, provided that practice does not harm those who don’t share the same beliefs)